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A lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo is a great way to spend the winter months in Ajijic.

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Wrapped Up In The Dead Sea

The writer visits a spa alongside the Dead Sea in Israel, and takes a mud bath treatment that she barely survives with her dignity still intact.
CHIA—Revival of an Ancient Aztec Food
All about the chia plant, which has been helping restore people to good health from the time of the Aztecs!

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orthosis Maggie and the Hot Sheets Motel

Our correspondent recounts her experiences in driving with her dog, Maggie, all the way from Vancouver to Colima. She  was especially intrigued by what she calls the “Hot Sheets” motels in Mexico.
Cutter Ant Apocalpyse
The writer has waged a long battle here in Mexico with some cutter-ants, who have apparently made it their mission in life to destroy his garden. As of this date, there seems little hope of a diplomatic settlement.
In Memoriam
Jim Collums died unexpectedly this month. Our Lakeside community has lost one of its most colorful characters.
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